13 Wooden Bookshelf Designs

Rotating Wooden Bookshelf 

Who said only metal can give you flexibility in movement when it comes to furniture. Modern designs such as a rotating wooden bookshelf from the image above

Industrial Pipes & Wooden Bookshelf

If the design and aesthetics of your room are grunge or rustic, opt for a wooden bookshelf with an industrial appeal. An absolute hit with people into rustic decor

Wooden Bookshelf 

Does your home need more than one bookshelf? Do you have more books than space for them in your house? Well, here is an idea

Natural Wooden Bookshelf Shaped

Get creative with your ideas when thinking of designing a wooden bookshelf. Like for example, the tree shaped bookshelf in the image above

Four Tiered Wooden

Another great idea to save space is to build something vertically. And, a wooden bookshelf fits right into the idea

Iron and Wooden Bookshelf

Modern and contemporary decor use a variety of different materials as part of the theme when decorating a space

Montessori Bookshelf

If you’re a new or expecting parent, reading to your little one can be done from the start. Not only does it offer more parent-child bonding time

Letter Shaped Wooden

Natural wooden bookshelves can add to the overall aesthetics of a room. And, the best part is that when you choose wood as the material, you realize that there is so much you can do with it

Wooden Bookshelf Shaped like a Map

An excellent way of showcasing your love for books and travel in one, this wooden bookshelf is what bookshelf dreams are made of

Barrister Natural Wood

Just like the name suggests, this natural wooden bookshelf design was initially built for the offices of lawyers and barristers

Vintage European

The arched glass doors, drawers at the bottom, and engraved wood are all signs of vintage European furniture designs. And, if your room has a whole vintage touch to it

Rustic Farmhouse Wooden

The whole point of rustic furniture design is that it is made of reclaimed wood. Therefore you will see inconsistency in grains in this type of natural wooden bookshelf design

Corner Wooden

A natural wooden bookshelf does not need to be bulky and occupy space on the floor. A good design that saves space can be incorporated like shown in the image above

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