10 Wood Window Designs

The Arched Window

The arched window is a timeless choice for wood window designs, seamlessly blending classic charm with modern elegance, making it a perfect addition to any home.

Bay Windows

Another great option for wood window designs is to have bay windows in your home. Bay windows add the illusion of extra space to your interiors as they protrude outward

Casement Windows

These are another kind of wood window design that is quite popular in homes. They are attached to a frame from the outside by hinges

Double Hung Windows

These are a popular choice whether your home is an older construction, or a modern or contemporary one. This wood window design is a particularly classy one that adds to the beauty of your home

Wooden Window with Shutters

If ventilation and light is your priority, then wooden windows with shutters are perfect for you. This wood window design without glass does not compromise on style or appearance

Garden Windows

These are cute little windows that are usually found placed above the kitchen sink. They are small in size and three dimensional and are built to last over time

Jalousie Wood Windows

Also known as a louvre window, this wood window design for homes is made of parallel louvres that are set within a wooden frame

Round Windows

A round window is undoubtedly the focal point of any home. When it comes to wood window designs, this one has a special place among them all

Skylight Windows

A skylight is a roof opening fitted with glass or fibreglass to allow the flow of light to enter the home and is most suited to enclosed areas. They are sealed and cannot be opened

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