13 Modern Main Door Design Ideas for Indian Homes

Glass and Wood Modern Main Door

Vastu says it is important for the sunlight to enter from the main door. But security and privacy do not permit it

Lattice Wooden Indian Main Door

The lattice design engrossed in the wooden base forming the main door is an absolutely awesome design. This main door design will look flamboyant on your chic apartment entrance

Wide-Open Panel Modern Main Door

The wooden door is parallelly panel designed in vertical order. This design will absolutely ultrasmart on your contemporary entrance and is also a fine fit for offices too

Herringbone Modern Main Door

The herringbone door design is a famous choice for urban leisure houses. Add the herringbone design on a floating wooden door on the entrance door of your villa to get a more luxurious look

Metal Dotted Modern Main Door 

Make your house entrance look terrific by adding a regal door design. The metal dotted wooden door is a magnificent choice to achieve the desired look

Cheese Cut Metal Modern Main Door

The cheese-cut metal door is a quirky Indian main door design. But only adding it will hinder the privacy of the home and is not a suitable choice for the main door

Minimal Yet Modern Indian Main Door

Your home can look aesthetic even by adding a stylish main door design. As you know, minimal looks are pleasing to the eyes. Add a minimal white oak wood door to your entrance

Pet-Friendly Modern Main Door

This main door design is applicable only if you have a highly trained pet, especially a cat. A door flap added main door design is a pet-friendly door design on a modern home entrance

Wide Basket Weave Patterned Modern Main Door

Make your entrance look absolutely def by adding a patterned door design. The basket weave pattern will be a stunning choice for the main door design

Moroccan Floral Detailed Modern Main Door

The Moroccan décor ideas have always been appreciated by the world. The Moroccan floral detailed main door design will also get the same appreciation from your visitors

Horizontal Bar Iron Modern Main Door

The iron bar grill main door design is an age-old design for the house entrances. But currently, it is being used prevalently for bringing in a street style look on the entrance

Mirror Glazed Modern Main Door

Mirror on the main door is undoubtedly an exquisite idea. Such a mirrored glass added wooden main door design will sensual on your house entrance

Elevation Modern Main Door

The elevation designs are, at present, one of the most loved Indian main door designs. An elevation door design on your house entrance will surely give you an amazing and trendy look

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