13 Small Bathroom Tile Ideas

Ceramic tiles

Ceramic options for small bathroom tiles are plenty out there. Some have glaze over them that reflects light, some come in matt finish, and others may have texture

Mosaic tiles

Big tiles in a small room will make the room look even smaller. So if you are looking for small bathroom tiles, choose mosaic options in a small size as depicted in the image shared below

Penny tiles

Penny tiles are absolutely bold and beautiful. They fit well into bathrooms having varied dimensions

Basket-weave tiles

The unique design and color combination of these bathroom wall tile ideas for small bathrooms can make the space look luxurious and dainty

Textured tiles

When it comes to textured small bathroom tiles, the options are many - they come in lots of sizes and variety

Pastel tiles

Pastel as a tint is always appreciated. You can choose any pastel color of your choice and pair it with small tiles. It is a simple approach to incorporate a cool design approach

Marble tiles

Marble tiles is the sophisticated choice to boast. It does not get heated up fast and keeps the place cool. White colored marbles reflect light and maximize the space

Herringbone tiles

Named after the fish Herringbone, it forms a continuous string of “v” shapes by grouping the tiles. Previously, it was used in woods but now the much-loved design is available for wall tiles to

Have your bathroom decked in Ombre

Ombre is a transition of dual hues ranging from darker shades to lighter ones or vice-versa. Go for a dark shade on top like cerulean blue and powder blue for the bottom

Floral tiles

Choose a solid color tile for the bathroom and fix the floral tiles vertically only in the middle line. It will surely look elegant. Choose dark over a lighter color scheme to make it look better

Bright hued tiles

Bright colors are known for their illuminating quality. If your bathroom is a small space but you want the color to pop out then choose bright colors such as yellow, orange, grass green, and so on

Terrazzo tiles

Terrazzo tiles come in two types with larger and smaller varieties. Go for a neutral shade for an ethereal look. Its base color is white so you do not need to worry about the space

Terracotta inspired tiles

Opt for a grey hue and just see the magic. They are not very glossy and come with an amazing industrial finish. It will attribute your bathroom with a Moroccan look

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