10 Vastu Gifts for Home that Bring in Positivity and Good Luck

As per Vastu, Owl is a symbol of supporting health and removing bad energies. Gifting a person a set of three golden owls can help bring prosperity and positivity to their home

Three Golden Owls

One of the best vastu gifts for home, the Shri Meru Yantra is one of the most powerful yantras in vastu. It is a tool that when used correctly can bring home lots of wealth, abundance, and fortune

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The God or prosperity and wisdom, Lord Ganesha has a special significance in vastu shastra. Placing Lord Ganesha at home is considered to be very auspicious and is known to bring peace in the household

A Ganesh Idol 

Having a Gomati Chakra Tree is considered to be extremely auspicious in a home. While some people bury it in the foundation, it also makes for a good housewarming gift

Gomati Chakra Tree

The elephant is a symbol of prosperity, courage, and knowledge. It is known to bring wealth and good luck in the family

Elephant with Tortoise Figurine

Flowing water is a symbol of the flow of wealth and abundance in vastu shastra. The easiest way to incorporate flowing water as a part of your room is by adding a small water fountain

Vastu Water Fountain

he Laughing Buddha is a symbol of wealth and prosperity and is known to bring good luck in a home. It makes a great vastu gift for home as it also works as a beautiful home décor item

The Laughing Buddha

Tortoises are known to live a long life and that is exactly what they symbolize in Vastu. A variety of tortoise figurines are available in resin, glass, clay, crystal, wood, and metal

Vastu Tortoise

Plants have an impact on their surroundings and, when placed at home, could reap benefits according to vastu shastra. Some of the best plants that work as excellent vastu gifts for home are as follows

Vastu Plants

Doesn’t matter if you are praying for good fortune or you simply want to gratify Lord Shani, you will be lucky to receive a horseshoe or a horseshoe amulet

Horseshoe Amulet

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