13 Jaw-Dropping Outdoor Stairs Designs

Illuminated Plank Wood Stairs

An easy way to brighten up the exterior stairs of your house is to add a lighting option to them. A subtle, concealed strip lighting can work out perfectly for stairs

Wooden Stairs Leading to the Patio

Wooden stairs never go out of style! Simple yet elegant, wooden stairs can be used to lead the way to your well-furnished patio

Natural Stone Staircase

A natural stone staircase is perfect for houses with a garden. It can blend right in with the natural landscape décor. 

Staircase With Monochrome Tiles

If you want a simple and sophisticated look for your outdoor stairs, consider opting for a monochrome tile option

Decorated with Flowers

Do you want some natural beauty to engulf your outdoor stairs? Flowers are your best bet. If your outdoor stairs open into a front yard or backyard garden

Stone and Marble

A classic outdoor stairs design makes good use of vintage and durable material like stone and marble

Modern Narrow Staircase With LED Lighting

If you are looking for an ultra-modern, sophisticated approach to designing the exterior, you can opt for narrow stairs lined with LED lighting

Less is More

Always trust the invaluable principle of “less is more” when designing the outdoor stairs for your home

Spiral Staircase

Another gorgeous outdoor stairs design comprises spiral steps. This design was primarily found in old castles and mansions

Colorful Stair Treads

If you want to add a bright splash of colors to your house exterior, colorful stairs are a perfect option for you

Pure Marble

There is no better alternative to pure white marble for your outdoor stairs design

Beautiful Mosaic

If you want to lend a classic Mediterranean charm to your outdoor stairs, opt for Mosaic stairs. Choose colorful shards of glasses to line the stair risers

Brick Staircase

A rustic design idea for your home’s outdoor staircase is using bricks. Red-brown bricks give a raw, rustic appeal to your home exteriors

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