11 Sleek and Trendsetting Modern Wardrobe Designs

Modern Wardrobe Design with Panelling

If you are looking for a stylish modern wardrobe design, opt for the new age, ultra-mod, and trendy panelling design

Modern Wardrobe Design with Wicker Work 

One of the most ancient techniques known to mankind in furniture making, wickerwork holds a special place in design and interiors even today

Glass Modern Wardrobe Designs 

Get creative in your choice and opt for something that is simple and swanky when it comes to wardrobe design

 A Chic Black Modern Wardrobe Design 

The colour black symbolises power, strength, and luxury, and when used in a modern wardrobe design, it can bring all of those things inside your room

 Open Concept Wardrobe Design For Home

Let us be honest, the open concept modern wardrobe design is not meant for messy people

A Walk-In Modern Wardrobe Design

A symbol of luxury and style, our dreams are made of a walk-in wardrobe design. They are spacious, have great storage space, and are overall ostentatious

 Modern Wardrobe Design for the Kid's Room

When it comes to wardrobe designs for a kid's room, you can simply go all out! Anything your child likes or adores can be used creatively on modern wardrobe designs in their room

Solid Wood Modern Wardrobe Design with Mirror Detailing

If you want to add a little drama to your room, choose a wardrobe design with exquisite solid wood paired with some mirror detailing

Modern Wardrobe Design with Louvred Doors

If you live in a tropical, humid climate, Louvred doors can be the best thing to happen to your modern wardrobe design

 Modern Wardrobe Design with Dressing Table

The master bedroom of the house generally has more space than any of the bedrooms

Modern Wardrobe Design with Shelves on the Side

A good modern wardrobe design caters to its visual appeal and, of course, the storage aspect

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