13 Folding Dining Table Design Ideas

Round Wooden Table Set 

As the name suggests, the folding wooden set is one of the most common and also the most recommended options from design and decor professionals

Dining Table on Wheels

Yes, we know this does not exactly seem like a folding dining table option. But, it is easy to move and can be a part of the same category

Foldable Chairs with Dining Table

You will find a lot of folding dining table designs which favour just the folding chairs, not the table

Low Rise Dining Table

If you are someone who likes to keep their space free of clutter and clean, it is advised to have low-rise furniture in your space

Geometric Folding Dining Table Design 

A modern and elegant folding dining table design complete with geometric patterns has the capability to elevate its surroundings. Don’t believe us

Take Elements from Outdoor Furnishings

Though this table is made for outdoor/camping use, who says you can’t use it indoors? If you combine or rather style it up with compatible chairs and other decor items

Minimalistic Folding Dining Table

You will get such folding dining table designs from any good furniture store or even IKEA! The best part of this design is that it can be placed anywhere in your home - kitchen

Light Weight White Dining Table 

Another variation of folding dining table ideas is just focussing on chairs. You can fold them back when not in use. Simple, sober, muted design for a small dining area

Wall Mounted Folding Dining Table

Who said folding dining table designs need to be mobile? You can choose to have a unique folding dining table option by mounting it to the wall

Luxury Living with Fine Details

Look at this picture of the perfect dining table. It is finely crafted out of wood, not too polished nor too raw. Simple, comfortable chairs in an iron frame for a convenient sitting

Use Bar Stools

Let's be honest: any dining table can cater to multiple uses, but chairs come with limited uses. So, if space utilisation is the main concern, consider replacing your chairs with such stools

Modern Bench Dining Table  

Take some inspiration from this modern bench dining table set. Though it might not come exactly under folding dining table ideas, it serves the same purpose - which is space-saving

Focus on Slide-in Components

One of the main reasons for the success of folding dining table design ideas is its no-visibility when not in use. Well, urban living is never very spacious most of the time

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