13 French Door Design Ideas

Terrace French Door Design

A very simple French door opens to a beautiful terrace. Placing a French door here will allow the light to come in during the day

The Vintage-Styled French Main Door


Beautiful White French Door 

Your deck can be the place where you unwind after a long day. You can also entertain guests there. Placing a French door will surely make your deck look even better

French Door for Kitchen Room

What if your balcony was right beside your kitchen? Adding a French balcony door will allow in ample light during the night in the kitchen

Refreshing and Soothing French Door 

If you are one of those people who like natural neutral tones the best, you love this door design. The intricate designs on both sides of the doors add oomph

A Sunny Backyard French Door

Here is a French door design that is not white. The light muted blue color brings a calming effect to space. The hardwood floors are in contrast to the white walls

French Doors for Office Rooms

Office rooms need to be well-lit and open because you will be spending a lot of time here. Cramped and poorly lit office rooms can feel suffocating

Sophisticated French Door 

If you have larger rooms, adding a French door will immediately add class to the place. The white walls are in contrast with the black reflective glass

Living Room French Door

Living rooms serve as the entertainment zone of your house. Adding lots of furniture can make the room look cramped

An Upscale House Design

Who does not want to have the envy of others for living in a luxurious bungalow? Add lots of overhead lighting fixtures to light up the entire room

Cream Walls and French Doors

White is a classic, yes, but too much white can make it boring. Paint the walls in cream or beige tones. Add warm lights and some paintings on the walls

Modern French Door Design

Are you not a fan of vintage or traditional homes? Want something on the contemporary side? Well, opt for some eccentric furniture, add a rug, a few plants, and yes

Wooden French Door Design

Make your place feel homely by adding a traditional fireplace and a glass table. Add a comfy sofa and maybe some candlesticks like in this picture. When opting for French doors

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