11 Latest False Ceiling Design Ideas

Get a Visually Airy Gypsum False Ceiling

Gypsum, derived from calcium, constructs lightweight ceilings. Boards suspended by iron or wood frames form the base, painted for a finished look.

False Ceiling Design for Durable Interiors

Plaster of Paris or POP false ceiling is the most common variety of ceilings that are available in India

Soothe Your Room With a Wooden Ceiling Design

Due to its natural grain and texture, wood as a false ceiling design idea is quite popular

 Single-Layered False Ceiling

Want to jazz up your false ceiling design without going the whole hog? This single-layer ceiling will work great for you

Multilayered False Ceiling Design

For a striking hall ceiling, opt for layering. It adds grandeur, offering creative opportunities with colors, lighting, and textures.

Elaborate False Ceiling With Plus-Minus POP

Constructed completely out of POP, this relatively new ceiling design option is all about protruding designs rather than tucking it all in

Coffered False Ceiling

Coffers are sunken square or boxy panels that are fixed into a ceiling. Aside from instantly bringing drama into a space

Peripheral False Ceiling Design

This minimal design runs along the corners of the room and is perfect for low-ceiling homes

Flaunt a Geometric Ceiling Design

This false ceiling design for hall requires suspended panels for each piece that is put together. Needless to say, this design has a stylish edge like no othe

 Amp It Up With Intricate Latticework

Latticework adds a subtle demarcation to this space. Not to mention it is capable of amping up the aesthetic of your room significantly

False Ceiling With Wooden Slats 

One of the most sought-after designs in India, a false ceiling design with wooden slats is great for its insulating abilities

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