13 DIY Wood Stove Ideas for Warmth and Style

Metal Scrap Stove

The first offering in this list is simply a scrap metal stove. If you’re into upcycling and recycling, this is the perfect project for you

Gas Bottle Wood Burner

Here’s another upcycle project, this one using an old gas bottle to create this cozy-looking, efficient wood-burning stove for patio use

Hot Water Tank Horizontal Wood Stove

This is the perfect option for someone living in a cold climate, looking for a horizontal design wood-burning stove. It’s made from an old hot water tank and flat sheets of steel

Electric Water Tank Vertical Wood Stove

Transform an old water tank into a beginner welder's project. Utilize round tubing, steel rod, RHS, and angle, welding with tools like an angle grinder and Mig welder.

Reclaimed CNG Cylinder Stove

Discover a brilliant opportunity with a CNG cylinder. Craft an exceptional, efficient wood-burning stove using welding skills and scrap metal ingenuity.

DIY Potbelly Stove

This fantastic little potbelly stove looks great but it also really does the trick. It’s not too terribly complicated, either, if you know what you’re doing at all with welding, etc

Rocket Stove

Rocket stoves are a fantastic way to cook with wood. The basic principle is burning wood hot and fast for efficiency’s sake

Paint Can Stove

Have an old metal paint can and want a wood-burning stove you can take anywhere? Well, you’re in luck

Portable Wood Stove

This fantastic little portable stove for wood-burning is an easy build for not much money. In fact, it should cost $30 or less

DIY Wood Stove For A Small Boat

This particular wood-burning stove is designed for safe use on a small boat. It’s small, extremely sturdy, and stable, and costs way less than the one you’d buy at the marina store in your area

Easy Mini Camping Brazier

This is a super easy to build, small camping wood burner that you can make from really common items and not a whole lot of work

Simple Barrel Stove From A Kit

This is another simple option for people a little bit less handy than some. You use a pre-made kit to create the perfect wood stove

Deluxe Barrel Wood Stove

This wood-burning stove tutorial provides you with the opportunity to build a super deluxe wood-burning stove that’s great for the home

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