When Yeh Rishta's Naira was misbehaved

Shivangi Has Been Working In The Industry For Close To 10 Years

Recently, During An Interview, Shivangi Talked About Her Struggle Journey.

Shivangi Told That She Was Ill-Treated In The Initial Days

Shivangi Said That She Was Misbehaved During The Award Function And Media Interaction.

Shivangi Said That During My Debut There Were Many Senior Actors Who Did Not Appreciate New Talent.

Shivangi Did Not Understand The Language Of Shooting At That Time

During That Time Senior Actors Complained That Shivangi Does Not Know Anything And She Should Come After Learning.

During The Debut, Shivangi Was Made To Sit In The Vanity With The Junior Artist.

Later Shivangi Realized That The Treatment She Is Getting Is Not Good.