Top 21 Ice Cream Brands in India

By Ankit Kumar May 31, 2023

1. Amul Ice Cream

Amul has 1500 ice cream shops in India. Obtain outlet license with ease; franchise cost varies. Also sells dairy products.

2. Kwality

Kwality Walls makes ice cream sold worldwide; 300+ parlors in India offer diverse sundaes. Their Frozen Dessert contains vegetables.

3. Mother Dairy

Kamath R S from Mangalore started the enterprise. The 1st branch opened in Juhu Maharashtra. Safal has 300 stores and 1500 milk stations in Delhi and NCR.

4. Vadilal

Vadilal, the famous ice cream brand, has 250+ franchise outlets selling 150+ flavors in India, along with bread and other processed items.

5. Havmor

Havmor operates 72K retail & 200+ store locations in 18 states & 5 union territories, serving quality ice cream.

6. Creambell

Creambell has 15% market share in India, serving 40 cities across 19 states with 136 quality ice cream options for all ages.

7. Dinshaw

Dinshaw's, a skilled ice cream maker, serves superior flavors like Caramel and Chocolate, keeping a strong position.

8. Baskin Robbins

Baskin Robbins expands globally with major success in India, boasting hundreds of ice cream parlors nationwide.

9. Nirulas

Nirulas, an established Indian brand excels in ice cream with variety in flavors, sodas, desserts, milkshakes. 8 regions.

10. Top N Town

Top N Town dominates 8 regions with premium ice cream & desserts. They make cones, cakes, shakes, kulfi, bars & more.

11. Giani

Ice creams blend timeless Rabri Faluda & Mango shakes with modern twists like Choco-Whisky, frozen yogurts & Pistachio gelato.

12. Naturals

Naturals Ice Cream: 100% veggie, all-natural, real dairy, fresh ingredients. 135+ stores in India, popular among all ages.

13. Hangyo

Hangyo, a fast-growing indigenous ice cream maker, has a range of milk-rich, flavorful treats like Mango, Vanilla, N R Dry Fruits, and Kulfi.

14. Haagen-Dazs

Haagen-Dazs, US ice cream company, offers its flavors at select Indian parlors & retailers; popular with unique options.

15. Keventers

Keventers shook up dessert world, expanding globally in 2017 with 250+ locations recognized for iconic chocolate shakes & hot desserts.

16. Arun

~1k outlets in India: 148 in Karnataka, 670 in Tamil Nadu. The company produces ice cream cones, scoops & bars in different sizes & flavors.

17. Nestle

"Nestle - world's biggest drinks & food co. Its ice creams captivate for family events, treats and quality sweets."

18. Lazza

Lazza-India's top frozen yogurt co. named after Arabic term for "helpful things in daily life." Success built on quality products & flavors.

19. Movenpick

In 2016, Nestle and R&R Ice Cream formed Froneri - a tasty new company. Don't miss out on their delicious ice cream!

20. Cold Stone Creamery

Cold Stone Creamery, owned by Kahala Brands in CA, sells frozen yogurt. They previously offered superior quality and are also in India.

21. Cream and Fudge

Cream & Fudge makes premium ice cream fresh on-site, letting customers create custom orders with toppings. Takeaway or dine-in options available.

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