Top 15 Nicest Rooftop Garden Ideas 

1. Dining Space in the Rooftop Floral Garden

2. Install Sturdy Stakes for Vining Vegetable Garden on the Roof

3. Grow a Container Vegetable Garden on the Roof

4. Raised Herb Beds and Container Garden for Growing Vegetables

5. Rooftop Kitchen Garden

6. Lush Bushes by the Rooftop Railing

7. A Tropical Oasis

8. Rooftop Zen Garden

9. Lush Grassy Field on the Roof

10. Raised Herb Beds and Tall Bushy Privacy Wall

11. Rooftop Tropical Jungle

12. Roof Deck Garden with Brownstone Flooring and Bordering Bushes

13. Architectural Terrace Garden

14. Rooftop Sitting Area with Lush Tropical Backdrop

15. Green Roof Backyard