Discover the Ultimate Dining Chairs: Top 11 Picks Unveiled

Salt Chair

Madeleine Luckel, design editor, praises her affordable, slim black chairs, highlighting durability and plans to buy more in the future.

Wishbone Chair

Zoë Sessums, digital design editor, raves about the sturdy, comfortable, and elegant Wishbone chairs she found at an antique sale.

Eames Molded Plywood Lounge Chair

TIME's 20th-century best design, the Eames chair, impresses with comfort and style. Versatile and timeless, a design gem, by Zoë Sessums.

Rey Chair

Sydney Gore, digital design editor, lauds the comfortable, functional, and stylish Rey Chair from the Dietiker x Hay collaboration, suitable for small spaces and modern design enthusiasts. Also, it's in the Swiss Museum of Design.

Artek Aalto Stool 60

Sydney Gore loves Alvar Aalto's Stool 60 for its multifunctionality, iconic design, and its reminder of the power of good design.

Revolt Friso Dining Chair

Hannah Martin, senior design editor, praises the Revolt chair by Friso Kramer for its comfort and versatility, now available in various colors and materials through Hay.

Bertoia Side Chair

Zoë Sessums praises the versatile and iconic Bertoia Side Chair for its sleek design and suitability both indoors and outdoors, making it a perfect dining chair.

MR Chair Armless with Leather Sling Seat

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe's MR Chair, an icon of Bauhaus design, impresses with its beauty, comfort, and functionality, a worthy investment.

West Elm Wire Frame Upholstered Dining Chair

Allie Weiss, US digital director, enjoys using a comfy velvet West Elm dining chair as a home office seat, finding it stylish, comfortable, and easy to maintain.

Lulu and Georgia Whit Dining Chair

Kelsey Borovinsky praises Lulu and Georgia's elegant, modern dining chairs, beautifully complementing her tulip-style dining table, combining comfort with style.

Ascona Dining Chair

Sydney Gore seizes the opportunity to own a vintage Ascona chair, impressed by its condition and comfy reupholstered cushions, a chrome lover's delight for flexible use in her apartment.

Tilted Brush Stroke

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