Top 10 Whisky brands in India

Rs. 885 for 750 ml

Royal Stag

 Royal Stag is a fusion of grain spirits and foreign-made Scotch malts.

 Rs. 300 for 750 ml

Officer's Choice

 The product began in 1988 and, with an existence across over 18 countries, is the highest exported whiskey brand.

 Rs. 410 for 750 ml

Mc Dowell's

It is one of the finest whiskies under 1500 in India, which is very prominent

Rs. 1000 for 750 ml

Blender's Pride

The Whisky is a mixture of products of Indian grain and foreign Scotch malt with no chemical flavoring

Rs. 650 for 750 ml

Director's Special

 The whisky tastes pleasant and has a powerful fragrance.

Rs. 600 for 750 ml

Imperial Blue

For sublime crispness, it arrives in a fine blend of Indian grain liquor and foreign scotch malts.

Rs. 1250 for 750 ml

Royal Challenge

This product mixes scotch malts and Indian malts with grainy scented whisky.

Rs. 800 for 750 ml

Rock Ford

Rockford Original is a perfect balanced whisky with an exceptionally smooth and appealing fragrance with a rich golden hue.

Rs. 500 for 750 ml

Whiskin Craft

Deities of Whiskin Craft Private. A manufacturer of reasonable quality alcohol and liquor in India,

Rs. 390 for 750 ml


Bagpiper is an Indian whisky label which was crafted and released in October 1976 by United Spirits