Top 10 Types Of Momos

Fried Momos

These crispy Momos attain their lovely texture because they are filled with sauteed vegetables and are then deep fried until they turn to beautiful golden brown

Tandoori Momos

This Indian version of the Momos is very famous and is loved by almost everyone! How else could you prove your “Desiness”

Steamed Momos

These thickly wrapped Momos are stuffed to the core with Paneer, Vegetables and Soya Chunks. A filling plate of these Momos is the perfect comfort food

Chocolate Momos

This is for the sweet tooth fanatics out there. If you are confused about whether you should have snacks or sweets, go for some Chocolate Momos because

Chilly Momos

This plate of Momos is going to set your tongue on fire with its hot and tangy flavour. Soya Sauce, 

Kothe Momos

This is the Himalayan take on Momos. These Momos are pan fried and come with a variety of fillings to choose from like Vegetables, Meat, Pork, etc

Wheat Momos

All you health conscious people out there, this is a whole plate of goodness for you to eat without any guilt.

Soup Momos

Brace yourselves, winter is coming! And so is this suggestion to make your evenings warm and cosy. Enjoy your Momos in a big bowl of Hot, Tangy and Spicy

Cheese Momos

These Creamy, Steamy Momos are filled with Fried Onions, Baby Carrots, Crispy Potatoes and of course Oozy Cheese

Paneer Momos

You guessed it right, these Momos are filled with delicious Paneer mixed with Herbs and Spices and is perfect for the days when you crave Paneer

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