Top 8 Refreshing non-alcoholic beers

1. Heineken 0.0 Non-Alcohol Beer

Price: Rs 80 approx. (330 ml)

Heineken, renowned globally for rich lagers, boasts natural ingredients and intense flavor.

2. Copter 7 Zero 0.0

Price: Rs 140 approx. (330 ml)

Copter 7 sources from a 400-year-old German brewery, offering rich, traditional flavors.

3. Crofters Belgian Wit

Price: Rs 105 approx. (330 ml)

Low-cal, low-sugar beer with natural ingredients, full wit flavor promised.

4. Coolberg Non-Alcoholic Beer

Price: Rs 99 approx. (330 ml)

Alcohol-free brew with bold flavors; malt, cranberry, strawberry, and peach innovations.

5. Kingfisher Ultra Non-Alcoholic Beer

Price: Rs 80 approx. (300 ml)

Kingfisher crafts non-alcoholic brew with premium barley, hops, 30% less sugar, 96 calories.

6. Barbican Non-Alcoholic Beer

Price: :Rs 120 (330 ml)

Barbican's sparkling, aromatic raspberry malt brew, non-alcoholic, perfect for beginners, popular in Saudi Arabia.

7. Hoegaarden 0.0 Non Alcoholic Wheat Beer

Price: Rs 100 (330 ml)

Hoegaarden, a Belgian-style pioneer, offers a balanced non-alcoholic brew with unique flavors.

8. Edelmeister Nonalcoholic Beer

Price: Rs 100 (500 ml)

Additive-free, golden, mildly hoppy, subtly bitter, dry lager-style, smooth, perfect collection addition. Chilled perfection.