Top 10 Laziest Dog Breeds

1 English Bulldog

This muscular pooch may look furocious, but they are really just about the laziest pooch you will find. They are truly gentle and cuddly, and most of the time would rather lay on the floor, or anywhere else they can flop, than do anything else. Except eat

2 Basset Hound

Let’s face it; this pawesome pup even looks lazy with their droopy ears, eyes, and jowls. Their short legs don’t look like they are going anywhere fast. Actually, when they are not on the scent trail

3 Pug

Being a lap dog is tough. The poor little Pug has no choice but to lay in your lap, on your head, or anyplace else they can find

4 Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Even though most Spaniels are very energetic, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel likes to be lazy. Maybe it is because they have Pug genes somewhere in their background

5 Chow Chow

The Chinese Chow Chow is a big canine companion that loves to snooze. Seriously. Loves it. These furific fluffy furballs can sleep more than 20 hours a day if you let them

6 Great Dane

Another giant pooch, the Great Dane is calm, cool, and…lazy. They don’t need much exercise who would much prefer dozing to dancing, and a catnap than chasing the cat

7 Irish Wolfhound

The tallest of all dog breeds is also one of the laziest. Once employed in big-game hunting, Irish Wolfhounds now make the calmest and most agreeable canine companions

8 Shih Tzu

Though their name means "lion dog," you won't see the Shih Tzu hunting for prey. In fact, you'll most likely find these little charmers lounging on couches around the world

9 French Bulldog

The affectionate French Bulldog is one of the most pawpular dog breeds among apartment dwellers

10 Pekingese

Bred to live in the palaces of ancient China, the Pekingese will gladly reign over your house, from your couch. Their life's purpose is to provide amusement and companionship.

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