Top 10 Female Perfumes Brands

United Colors of Benetton United Dreams Love Yourself for Women

The UCB was launched by the Benetton siblings in 1966. Today, it has become popular among women as it is a scent that conforms to the feminine and bold qualities that women possess.

 The Body Shop White Musk Eau De Toilette

The perfect perfume to wear at work, the Body Shop perfume has an impeccable base note. Along with having a long-lasting and soothing fragrance, it perfectly suits all skin types

 Engage Lamante Sunkissed Eau De Parfum for Women

This is a magical and alluring perfume by Engage, which is a popular choice for women. It comprises a tinge of tuberose, jasmine, and sandalwood, which can be perfect for a date

Skinn by Titan

Titan's Skinn perfumes are the most popular perfumes among women. These are available in many different variants; however, Skinn by Titan Celeste Perfume for Women EDP is the best choice for any modern woman

Victoria's Secret Bombshell

Victoria's Secret is a popular brand among women in India. It is so much popular that women dream of having their products. The main reason for such popularity is the top-notch quality of the product

Nike Up or Down Prf Edt Blue Eau De Toilette

Nike spray will help you stay refreshed the whole day as it has a fragrance rejuvenating. Another property of this perfume is that the fragrance is different than the usual floral fragrances. Hence


A luxury fragrance, Miss Dior is a scent that is magical with the tinge of roses and lilies. The Dior perfume is fresh as a whirlwind and is a floral scent. It has attractive packaging, which is perfect for gifting

Dolce and Gabbana

Dolce and Gabbana differ from the other scents as it is much more than sweet and floral. It has a tinge of lemon and green apple which makes


A totally captivating scent, Playboy's Sexy Eau De Parfum is an attractive perfume for women. One may consider buying it as it is a great deal under 1000. The bottle and packaging are also very nice and attractive


Perfumes that can be used daily have the greatest demand. One such perfume is Embark's Women My Life for Her Eau de Parfum, which is well suited for many daily occasions

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