Top 10 Authentic Cuisine In Udaipur

Kadhi Pakoda

You are familiar with this dish as it is a famous dish in Udaipur. It is a delicious dish made from chickpea flour pakoda stuffed with onion and potato fillings

Dal Bati Churma

Dal Bati Churma is the quintessential dish of Rajasthan. It consists of three things: dal, mixed lentils gravy, and a small ball of jowar or bajra infused in ghee. Rajasthani thal

Gatte Ki Sabzi

Gatte ki sabzi is a Rajasthani-style special curry made from chickpea flour and spices. It is an authentic and delicious cuisine in Udaipur

Pyaaz Ki Kachori

Pyaaz ki kachori is also called Kanda kachori. It is a pastry stuffed with spicy onion fillings. This is a popular dish in Udaipur

Bajra Chapati With Garlic Chutney

It is made from millet which is commonly called bajra in common households. It is a healthy flatbread that is famous in Udaipur, Rajasthan.

Chickpea Spinach Curry

Chickpea Spinach Curry is a healthy, filling, and vegan-friendly curry. It is also known as Chana palak masala. It can be made in less time


Rajasthani dessert is incomplete without Churma. Churma is made from fewer ingredients, yet tasty. Churma is made from chapati balls

Dal Poori

Dal poori is a kid-friendly meal. It is made from dal stuffing in the poori. It is the best option for brunch. It is served with any Sabji or curry.


\If you are looking for tempting dessert options in Udaipur, then Malpua is definitely for you. Malpua is an authentic and classical dessert in Udaipur

Mangodi Sabzi

Mangodi is dumplings made from moong dal and spices. It is dried in the sun before making it. These dumplings are healthy and nutritious.