Full Cast & Crew - Kraven the Hunter (2024)

Release date: 30 August 2024

Aaron Taylor-Johnson as a

Sergei Kravinoff / Kraven the Hunter, a hunter-warrior with animalistic.

Russell Crowe  as a

Nikolai Kravinoff, Kraven's estranged father

Ariana DeBose as a

Calypso, a voodoo priestess and Kraven's love interest

Fred Hechinger as a

‘Kraven the Hunter’ Will Feature Fred Hechinger as Chameleon

Christopher Abbott as a

Foreigner, a mercenary and assassin

Alessandro Nivola as a

This includes revealing that Alessandro Nivola will be playing Rhino in Kraven

Levi Miller as a

Levi Miller as young Sergei Kravinoff