How Does Bigeye Tuna Compare To Bluefin


Discover the culinary delight of fresh sardines—rich in healthy fats and distinct from canned versions. Chefs and doctors champion this underrated fish

Red mullet

Red mullet stands out with its rich, sweet flavor, a departure from the subtle taste of white fish. Chef Hung Huynh values its delicacy and crustacean-like essence


Monkfish, despite its intimidating appearance, shines as a culinary delight. Its firm, meaty texture and flavor make it ideal for barbecue cooking, delivering exquisite results, as highlighted by Chef Gary Foulkes


Don't let the name fool you—porgy, also known as scup, is an affordable and sustainable seafood option. Its sweet, mild flavor with crispy skin makes it a delicious choice, as emphasized by Chef Todd Mitgang


Mackerel, often considered overly fishy, is a mild and nutritious choice. Rich in omega-3s and vitamins, it's a sustainable and healthy seafood option


Tiny but mighty, anchovies add rich, salty umami to dishes. From pasta puttanesca to Worcestershire sauce, these small fish are kitchen superheroes


Herring's rich history spans smoked kippers to pickled delights. Despite its European roots, this small, oily fish is often overlooked in the culinary world


Smelt, often underrated, boasts clean flavor and versatility. Chef Eric Lee champions smelt's awesomeness, advocating for dishes like fried smelt with pickled beets or tahini cream


Spiny dogfish, a shark species, sparks controversy in Europe but is deemed sustainable off the U.S. Atlantic coast. A delicacy to be enjoyed responsibly


Lingcod, often mistaken for cod, is a greenling. Overfished in the past, West Coast populations are now stable and sustainable. Opt for lingcod caught using eco-friendly methods

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