Hollywood Actress Wear Jessica Rabbit Halloween  Costumes

Heidi Klum is preparing to top her latest Halloween costume.

Heidi Klum

Another amazingly hot young model that I simply had to add to this list is Bella Hadid. She saw what Rita Ora did and decided to take it ten steps further with this almost scandalously revealing red dress

Bella Hadid

Katy Perry is pretty much the perfect girl to dress up as Jessica Rabbit. Although she doesn't have red hair, she definitely has the persona, as well as the bust size

Katy Perry

Another celebrity who went for the Jessica Rabbit look was Ariana Grande. Like Katy Perry, Ariana Grande is a singer, so channeling the look of Jessica Rabbit was only natural

Ariana Grande

Blake Lively is definitely one of the hottest celebrities alive today. And she also reminded us of Jessica Rabbit when she wore this stunning red dress.

Blake Lively

One of the hottest supermodels and Victoria's Secret Angels that ever lived, Alessandra Ambrosio made the perfect Jessica Rabbit.

Alessandra Ambrosio

Kelly Brook is another incredibly hot celebrity, and we were so glad when she decided to give the "Jessica Rabbit" look a try. She definitely fits right into character with her red dress, juicy red lips, and stunning heels

Kelly Brook

Giada De Laurentiis reminded us a lot of Jessica Rabbit when she wore this stunning red dress. Although she's definitely not "flaunting" her sex appeal like some of the other girls

Giada De Laurentiis

Rita Ora turned a lot of heads when she was spotted wearing this mouth-watering dress. It just oozes sex appeal, and it definitely reminds us of Jessica Rabbit - it might even be sexier than the cartoon character in fact!

Rita Ora

The star from Transformers 3, Rosie Huntington-Whitley, made quite an appearance when she showed up to the premiere of the movie wearing this stunning red dress.

Rosie Huntington-Whitley

If you live in Australia, you've definitely heard of Jade Albany. And if you haven't, then these images should ensure that she stays fresh in your memory. This starlet was a contestant on Australia's Big Brother reality television show, and she was a fan favorite.

Jade Albany