19 Hairstyle for Girls for Wedding in 2023

By: Swati Gupta

1. Senorita Bun

Fusion bun: Indian & French styles combined; sleek from front, braided at back, adorned with roses. Perfect for contemporary weddings.

2. Side Swept Curls

Side swept curls are trendy for pre & post-wedding events, not just bridal day. Loose, voluminous curls give a beautiful, fresh look.

3. The Flowery Bun

Don't miss this popular Indian bridal hairstyle trend sparked by Anushka Sharma's wedding. Great for experimental, skilled stylists.

4. Braided Bun

Classy and messy, try a unique Indian bridal hairstyle - a basic braided side bun for a new look.

5. Braid Accessory

Maximize your bridal look with South Indian hairstyles - accessorize braids with flowers, patches, and twisties for a beautiful and stylish finish.

6. Loose Braids

For voluminous bridal hair, loosely braid and curl. Accessorize to avoid looking too simple. Perfect for any attire.

7. Half Tied

Stunning Indian bridal hairdo: half-tied back with loose strands, accessorized with flowers, braids/twisties; front kept puffy for volume.

8. Braided Light Curls

Braid front hair to back, loose curls for quirky bridal look. Suitable for pre-wedding. Accessorize with pins and wreaths.

9. Twisties And Braids

Try this Indian look with loose braids & a slightly messy bun. Perfect for reception or engagement, all women can rock this look!

10. Minimalistic Bun

If you prefer a simple bridal hairstyle, a pretty floral hair wreath is perfect for your wedding day without too much effort.

11. One-Sided Twisties

Try a simple bridal style with 4 twisties instead of heavy bun and accessories. Keep hair natural, edgy and fashionable. Your comfort matters.

12. The Gajra Look

Indian bridal bun with fresh Gajra adds charm & authenticity that never goes out of trend; popular among South Indian brides.

13. Cross Braids

Skip the bun for weddings, go for a loose cross braid - trendy, minimalist, and fancy.

14. Twisties Bun

Twisty bun with gajra & accessories - A must-see unique bridal hairstyle, pick your favorite from the admirable combinations.

15. Side Sweep

Love this quirky Indian bridal hairstyle with side sweep, puff, and multi-knot bun. Accessorize the bun & experiment with the look.

16. Flowery Braid

Minimalist bridal look with flower accessorized braid perfect for pre/post-wedding functions; favored by celebs as well.

17. Halo Style

Try the new Halo bridal hairstyle for voluminous, braided, and defined hair perfect for straight or slightly curly hair types.

18. South Indian Bridal

South Indian wedding frenzy: Famous bridal hairstyle inspired by old movies, elegantly turns heads. Pro stylist recommended.

19. Side Sweep Style

Side-swept bridal hairstyles stay in fashion, highlighted by Bollywood and Hollywood stars. Try a side braid to enhance elegance.