Best 15 beer in India with price


Kingfisher Strong – ₹150 (650ml) Kingfisher Premium – ₹145 (650ml) Kingfisher is India’s largest selling beer brand, commanding a dominant 36% market share

Bira 91

Bira 91 Blonde – ₹220 (650ml) Bira 91 Light – ₹200 (500ml) ira 91 has captured the imagination of urban youth with its colorful branding and extensive range of craft brews

Kingfisher Ultra

Bira 91 Blonde – ₹220 (650ml) Bira 91 Light – ₹200 (500ml) ira 91 has captured the imagination of urban youth with its colorful branding and extensive range of craft brews


Budweiser: Iconic brew with bold malt taste. Premium is smooth; Magnum, rich 6.5% ABV. Perfect for bars, parties. Best with pizza, burgers. Prices: Magnum ₹240, Premium ₹180 (650ml).

Corona Extra

Corona: India's beloved imported beer. Light, dry, and refreshing. Hint of malt, corn, and hops. Add a lime for a citrusy kick. Ideal for laidback moments with friends. Price: ₹290 (355ml).


Heineken: Beloved international lager in India. Crisp, clean taste. Brewed in Holland. Pleasant malt flavors, moderate bitterness. Perfect for Indian summers. Price: ₹200 (650ml).

London Pilsner

London Pilsner: Classic Indian lager. Affordable and flavorful. Biscuity malt, Saaz hops. Signature grainy flavor. Clean, fizzy, and quenching. Price: ₹140 (650ml).

London Pilsner

Carlsberg Elephant Strong: Danish strong lager. 7% ABV. Crisp with malt sweetness. Herbal, spicy hop finish. Smooth and drinkable. Price: ₹170 (650ml).

Haywards 5000

Haywards 5000: Classic Indian strong beer. 7% ABV. Bittersweet taste. Malty, grainy start, transitions to spicy hop bitterness. Popular for budget buzz. Price: ₹120 (650ml).

 Hoegaarden Wit

Hoegaarden Wit: Belgian white ale. Cloudy, pale yellow. Coriander, orange peel, wheat notes. Light, refreshing, subtle sweetness, tangy citrus, herbal spice. Creamy mouthfeel. Ideal with spicy Indian seafood and chicken. Price: ₹260 (330ml).

White Owl Spark

White Owl's Spark: Crafted pale ale in India's booming craft beer scene. Tropical fruit, citrus burst, dry, spicy finish from late hopping. Creamy, aromatic. Ideal for craft beer enthusiasts. Price: ₹170 (500ml can).

Kingfisher Strong

Kingfisher Strong: India’s beloved 8% ABV strong beer. Crisp start, bold maltiness, lingering bitterness. Roasted grain, caramel complexity. Ideal with spicy Indian dishes. Popular for its smoothness and affordability. Price: ₹150 (650ml).

Tuborg Strong

Tuborg Strong: Carlsberg's robust creation for India. A hefty 8% ABV, sweet malt to faint bitterness. Smooth, not too boozy. Popular among budget drinkers. Price: ₹130 (650ml).

 Kati Patang Belgian Wit

Kati Patang's Belgian Wit: Delhi's craft gem. Hazy gold, citrusy aroma, spiced palate. A uniquely Indian twist on Belgian wheat ale. Price: ₹200 (330ml).

 Simba Wit Belgian Style

Simba's Wit Belgian Style: Crafted delight from India. Hazy gold, citrus-spice aromas. Crisp, refreshing, and perfect for summer sipping. Price: ₹140 (330ml).

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