benefits of lemon honey water

Boosts The Immune System

Lemon is rich in Vitamin C, which helps to strengthen the immune system. Not only this, honey and lemon together have many antioxidants that help you remove toxins and strengthen the body

Detoxifies The Body

Every day, our body welcomes many different bacteria from different mediums, like air, skin, or food. We never know which of them causes us serious health problem

Keeps The Body Away From Urinary Tract Infections

Lemon juice, with honey, has diuretic properties that help to reduce fluid buildup in the body. These properties of this drink make it a great option to help flush out unwanted substances from the kidneys

Relieves Kidney Stones

Do you know the reason behind kidney stones and burning feelings during urination? One big reason is the highly acidic and concentrated urine

Cures Cough And Chest Congestion

Honey has always been mentioned and used in Ayurveda for treating colds as it can dry up the respiratory tract and reduce mucus production, clearing your nose

Aids Digestion

If you start drinking honey lemon water in the morning, one noticeable change will be the smooth digestion process

Helps To Reduce Bloating

Every other day, we feel bloated by the food that we eat. And that is something uncomfortable to deal with. So, if you want something that helps you to avoid and reduce bloating, honey lemon water is the solution

Clear Skin

Lemon and honey have many qualities when it comes to skin cleansing. Apply it directly on the face or take it with warm water, both do wonders for your skin

Cures Throat Infections

Are you having a sore throat? This warm cut of honey and lemon will give you great relief. Do not think it is a temporary solution, as the effects will last long.

Helps To Reduce Inflammation

Honey and Lemon drink is a great way to reduce swelling or inflammation if you’ve hurt yourself. As it is antibacterial, it will prevent you from getting infections and build your immunity

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