All Information About E Rupee and banking apps list


The e-Rupee is a digital token that serves as legal tender, and users will be able to transact with it via a digital wallet provided by partner banks and kept on mobile phones or devices

What is E-Rupee? How does it work

e-Rupee as a legal tender issued by a central bank in digital form. The conversion rate is 1 e-Rupee = 1 Rupee. e-Rupee shall be accepted as a medium of payment, legal tender and a safe store of value

How is e-Rupee different from Cash, UPI, and Cryptocurrency

According to the HDFC Bank website, here is how e-Rupee is different from cash, UPI and cryptocurrency

Cash vs e-Rupee

e-Rupee is closest in comparison to cash. When you pay cash, the physical note/coin goes from your wallet to someone else’s. Similarly, a user transfers e-Rupee from their e-Rupee Wallet to someone else’s

UPI vs e-Rupee

Unlike e-Rupee, which is a currency, UPI is only a payment system which allows transfer of money from one bank account to another through an intermediary

Bitcoin vs e-Rupee

e-Rupee, issued by the Reserve Bank of India, is a stable digital currency, contrasting with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, known for their volatility. While cryptocurrencies rely on decentralized user pools, e-Rupee transactions are centrally settled by the RBI, providing stability akin to physical Rupee.


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HDFC Bank Digital Rupee

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Digital Rupee by UBI

Digital Rupee by UBI: Empowering your financial journey with secure, user-friendly digital transactions and cutting-edge banking services.

Digital Rupee by Kotak 

Digital Rupee by Kotak Bank: Elevate your digital transactions with Kotak's innovative and secure digital currency, ensuring seamless financial experiences.

Bank of Baroda Digital Rupee

Bank of Baroda Digital Rupee Bank: Empowering your digital transactions, Bank of Baroda ensures secure, efficient, and innovative banking experiences.


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Digital Rupee by IndusInd Bank

Digital Rupee by IndusInd Bank: Empowering digital transactions, our innovative digital currency, Digital Rupee, ensures swift, secure, and seamless financial interactions.

Digital Rupee By ICICI Bank

Digital Rupee by ICICI Bank: Revolutionizing transactions with innovation and trust. Seamlessly embrace the future of digital currency with ICICI's cutting-edge financial solutions.

IDFC FIRST Bank Digital Rupee

IDFC FIRST Bank Digital Rupee: Embrace the future of digital transactions with IDFC FIRST Bank, offering innovative, secure, and hassle-free financial solutions.

Axis Mobile Digital Rupee

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PNB Digital Rupee

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