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Varaprasad makireddi dec 17 2023 looking for a new heroine name in telugu

In Ravi Teja's movie, Ravi Teja's hero is Mr. Bachchan, a Bollywood heroine is acting image source bhagyashriiborseinstagram

Directed by Harish Shankar, this is the third film coming in Harish Shankaravi Teja's combination.

The name of the heroine is Bhagyashree Borse, who is acting opposite Ravi Teja in Mr. Bachchan's movie. image source bhagyashriborseinstagram

Nettinta Searching Nettinta tribe is searching who is this new heroine coming to Telugu image source bhagyashriiborseinstagram

Popular model 33-year-old Bhagyashree Borse is a popular model from Pune who has also acted in films in Bollywood image source bhagyashriborseinstagram

She made her first film in Bollywood in only one film so far and entered the film industry with the movie Yaariyan 2 image source bhagyashriiborseinstagram

In the first film, Prama impressed everyone with her excellent performance image source bhagyashriiborseinstagram

Harish Selection It seems that Harish Shankar, who saw her performance in the movie Yaariyan 2, selected her image source bhagyashriiborseinstagram