15 Popular Floor Tiles For House

Manufacturing yields strong, scratch-resistant, non-porous surfaces with versatile finishes, ideal for residential and commercial use.

Versatile, easy to install, ideal for homes and offices. Vinyl tiles: durable, moisture-resistant, scratch-proof, excellent sound insulation for bedrooms.

Marble tiles offer timeless elegance, diverse colors, patterns, and durability, perfect for versatile design styles and high-traffic areas.

"Ceramic tiles: favored for affordability, durability, and resistance to water, stains, and scratches, but susceptible to chipping."

A captivating medallion tile pattern, ideal for social areas, featuring a stylish design perfect for formal spaces.

Porcelain tiles: strong, moisture-resistant, indoor/outdoor use, low porosity, diverse designs, finishes, though pricier than alternatives.

Inspired by Moroccan tradition, our zellige tiles boast vibrant colors and unique geometric patterns. Tailor size to room.

Patchwork pattern tiles infuse vitality and a boho vibe, offering endless customizability with various shapes and colors.

Ideal for small modern living rooms, the linear strip pattern creates a sleek and spacious ambiance.

Choose durable, timeless natural stone tiles like slate or granite for a sturdy outdoor floor. Popular choice.

For a luxurious, timeless bedroom floor, choose a marble-inspired pattern tile for sophistication, refinement, and grandeur.

Parquet's timeless elegance infuses bedroom floors with warmth and character through its distinct geometric patterns. Diverse finishes enhance charm.

Ideal for wood grain lovers, this tile suits covered balconies or patios, creating an inviting atmosphere.

Large tiles, in various hues and textures, seamlessly transform and amplify small spaces for a spacious illusion.

Cost-effective porcelain tiles provide durability, demand minimal upkeep, and boast a distinctive shimmer for outdoor aesthetics.