Transform Your Bedroom with These 13 Sunning Curtain and Drape Designs

Pairing curtains and blinds

The right combination of curtains and blinds can change the look of your bedroom. When paired, curtains and blinds work together perfectly and ensure the blocking of light and privacy contro

Sheer curtains for your privacy

If bare and open windows in your bedroom make you uneasy, protect your privacy by fixing sheer curtains. They let the sunshine in and protect you from prying eyes

Save energy with insulated curtains

Curtains are one of the most effective ways to cut your power costs.  Energy-efficient curtains, also known as insulated and thermal curtains, provide additional insulation in hot and cold weathe

Size does matter

Keep in mind the shape as well as the size of your bedroom window before choosing a curtain. Bulky curtains will make your bedroom look smaller

Light block for undisturbed sleep

If you are serious about your sleep, blackout curtains are a must for your bedroom. These cover the entire window frame and block light from entering the bedroom

Fringe curtains for a laidback feel

If you are not overly obsessed with perfectly seamed edges, go for fringe drapes. They will add elegance to your window and change the entire look of the room

Neutrals for the calming effect

If you are one of those who think neutrals, off-whites and cream are boring and dull, think again. Your bedroom is your haven of peace. Neutrals help your mind relax

Draping the Scandi bedroom

In Scandinavian-style bedrooms, simplicity is the key and neutral shades for space alongside earthy tones are often best-suited

Layered curtains for a luxurious look

If you are looking at giving a luxurious touch to your bedroom without burning a hole in your pocket, opt for layered bedroom curtains

Taffeta window curtains

If you are looking at luxury and timeless elegance but also want an interesting texture, faux silk taffeta curtains will be a perfect choice

Gauzy curtains for an island paradise

If you want to incorporate an island feel to your bedroom, embrace gauzy curtains. These curtains catch the breeze during the summer months and often conjure up images of a tropical paradise

Add some colour

Curtains in different patterns and varying shades can infuse life into a bedroom. So, opt for bright and vibrant curtains to lift your mood even on a dull day

The minimalist approach

If you have a minimalist bedroom, choose floor-to-ceiling drapes in plain fabric and soft shades. Floor-to-ceiling drapes create a simple and elegant look as well as keep out bright light

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