13 Living Room Wall Painting Ideas

Peach Living Room Wall Painting Idea

A muted tone of orange, the colour peach is a great option for your living room wall painting as it is soft and calm and yet adds the pop of colour to your space

A Swanky Teal 

Clarity of thought and open communication is what teal spreads in its surrounding, therefore making it a great option for your living room wall painting ideas

Stylish Olive Green

Just like the olive branch was once extended as a sign of peace, having the colour as a living room wall painting idea will bring those calm energies in your room

Glamorous Magenta

A flamboyant blend of red and violet, magenta is the colour of happiness, content, and comfort. And when you blow it up on the walls

Regal Gold And Beige 

Nothing can be more regal than a touch of gold. What better way to make your living room a royal affair than adding splashes of golden hue to its walls

Soothing Mauve

If you are looking for a faminine touch to your space then do consider mauve for your living room wall painting

Rich Persian Blue

Another shade of blue that is extremely popular as an aesthetically pleasing wall color for a living area is Persian blue. This shade is rich and creamy by nature

 Elegant Pink

In case you want to choose a soft, bubbly color for your living room, pink is the perfect choice for you

Charcoal Black

Charcoal BlackOne of the most inventive living room wall painting ideas is using charcoal black to embellish the walls. Usually, black is viewed as a dark and grim color

White & Mint Green

A playful color combination for your living room walls can be white and mint green. Green is a calming color. When combined with white

 Cheerful Yellow

Nothing adds a pop of color to your living room better than a vibrant yellow. While hunting for the right wall painting designs for living room

Floral Patterns

Who said you have to simply stick to monochrome colors for your living room walls? If you want to go to the next level of achieving aesthetically pleasing living room walls

Stripes & Textures

Keeping it simple when it comes to living room decor is crucial. You do not want to clutter it up too much

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