11 Jaw-Dropping Wooden Washbasin Designs to Elevate Your Bathroom

Bowl Sink Wooden Washbasin Design

The bathroom sink looks like a bowl. It is a round-shaped wooden sink that carries the proof to your refined taste. This sink goes best with the modern architecture and interior designs

Solid Rectangular Sink

This is the top view of a wooden double sink. This sink will look amazing in your bathroom with the concrete wall and grey shelf background

Dark Textured Wooden Sink 

This washbasin looks similar to the previous one but the interior decoration of the surrounding of the basin is a whole lot different

Wooden Outdoor Wash Basin

This wooden washbasin has a very unique and traditional look. You can place this basin somewhere around your garden or at the roof of your house

Tub Basins

These basins look like tubs. You can see basins like this one in restaurants or any other public places

Bathroom Sink in a Wooden Background

Many people love wooden artforms. This washbasin design will be ideal for those people. The sink stands in an all-wood surrounding as one unique piece

Uniquely Designed Wooden Washbasin

This wooden basin has a very unique design. This small-sized basin is ideal for small bathrooms. Incorporating this small wooden 

Simple Wooden Basin 

This basin design embodies an appeal with simplicity at its best. The main idea of the modern interior decorations or any other design is to keep the simplicity of the object intact

Washbasin on a Wooden Wardrobe 

This is another bathroom interior design with a touch of wood around the washbasin area. The bowl-shaped ceramic washbasin looks perfect on the horizontally

Antique Outdoor Basin in Natural Wood

This is an old wooden washbasin. It bears an interesting texture and design. This basin has been designed without spoiling its natural appeal

Vintage Wash Basin in Wooden Setting

This home décor idea includes a bathroom, completely made of wooden walls, frames, and cabinets with a vintage touch of a basin made of bras

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