11  Easy And Engaging Christmas Games For The Office

Cookie Swap Challenge

Christmas without cookies is like Spiderman without Mary Jane. Those snowflake, star, or bear-shaped cookies are the highlights of the holiday season

Gingerbread House Decoration

The Gingerbread house decoration challenge is one of the most creative and delightful games to play with friends

Guess Who’s The Kid

There is no better game than "Guess Who's The Kid." to recall the fondest and funniest childhood memories. Unexpected waves of laughter are guaranteed while playing the game

The Gift Wrap Challenge

Gifts are amazing and unwrapping them even more. Unwrapping and discovering what's inside is an endless source of enjoyment

Face on the Elf

Elves are an integral part of the holiday season and keep the Christmas spirit alive. The cute-looking diminutive figures, whose hallmark is their long and pointed ears

Santa Hats Challenge

If you can get your hands on some Santa hats, you are ready for an amazing Christmas office game scene. Santa hat challenge is an easy-to-play game and is also perfect for office spaces

Santa Belly Bust

Yet another fun game with Santa at its center. Santa Belly Bust is a whole new level of joy for all your employees

Identify the Christmas Songs/ Guess the Movie

Introducing challenging games can make your office Christmas party amusing and engaging

Funny Employee Awards

Christmas is a wonderful time to appreciate and nurture the culture of employee recognition at work

Find the Jingle Bells

Time for some adventure. And what better adventure game could there be other than jingle bell hunting

The Great Christmas Hunt

With Christmas Scavenger Hunt, the adventure will be at its peak. This game is not only engrossing but is tough too

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