11 Classic Christmas Foods

Chocolate and Peppermint

Peppermint bark. Peppermint hot cocoa. Mint chocolate chip ice cream. If there's a better combination than chocolate and peppermint, I've never found it

Sugar Cookies

At my house, it just isn't Christmas until we roll out my great grandma's cut-out cookies. The recipe famously calls for "between 2 and 12 cups of flour, or until the dough looks right

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Don't bring me the figgy pudding — sticky toffee is the real star at my table

Brie Cheese

Baked brie is creamy, gooey, a little funky and tastes great when spread on tiny toasts with apples and pomegranate seeds


The slightly sweet, spice-studded flavor of gingerbread tastes like the platonic ideal of the holiday season

Chocolate Bark

Chocolate bark looks fancy but truly couldn't be easier. That's my kind of treat: Maximum reward, minimal effort

Sweet Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are tasty and all, but mashed sweet potatoes? That's my carb go-to, every time. They've got the creamy goodness of the traditional mash, with about a hundred times more flavo

Gingerbread Men

I love a gingerbread cookie, and we already know chocolate wins my heart. What I do not love is fiddly decoration

Baked Ham

We love the way this glazed ham looks and the easy steps it takes to cook. Glaze your ham with (yes!) root beer and serve this main with zero fear


I wait all year for stuffing season, but it wasn't until I began making my own that I really fell in love with it. Ditch the box and tear your own bread, chop some veggies, toss some fresh herbs in there and you'll see what I mean

Turkey and Gravy

Many households swear by ham, lamb or another protein for Christmas dinner since it follows Thanksgiving so closely. But I still love a turkey centerpiece. Others (like my husband) consider the majestic bird too boring