11 Amazing Brick Wall Design Ideas to Inspire You

Exposed Brick Wall Design in Your Kitchen

Your kitchen is a space you spend a lot of time in. That's why it makes sense to decorate it the way you like. Check the exposed brick wall design below

A Brick Wall Background to Showcase Art Piece

If you want to showcase a special art piece, then one of the best ways to do it is to hang it against a brick wall background

Sleek Brick Wall Design Idea for a Modern House

Many people assume that a brick wall design idea is only for rustic and heritage homes. That is not true at all. You can create a sleek and chic brick wall even for the most modern houses

Interesting Combination of Exposed Aggregate

An exposed aggregate finish involves creating a rough surface by removing the outer cement layer and exposing the concrete

Large Parallel Brick Wall Design 

Many people opt for regular-sized bricks to create a brick wall background. You can go one step further and pick larger bricks to create a very different look

Brick Wall Design in a Different Colour

A brick wall design need not always be brick-coloured. You can paint over these bricks to give them a different finish and look

Brick Wall Design Enhanced by White Wall Paint

White is a colour that complements everything beautifully, and that is why you should combine brick wall designs with a white background. Check out this dining room, for instance

Brick Wall Designs with Antique Fixtures

If you want to truly celebrate your love for brick wall designs, then invest in antique fixtures to add to the look

 White Brick Wall Background 

Many people assume that brick walls are loud and bold. They can be when the original brick colour is used

The Perfect Brick Wall Design

You may have the perfect brick wall design in place. However, unless the rest of the space is designed to match the vibe, the final mood won't set in

A Brick Wall Design to Flaunt that Stunning Art Collection

A simple brick wall design might look boring and not so appealing to the eye. Turn it into a wall of art with your wonderful collection of art paintings

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