1. Vibrant Color Bags

Sometimes, the smallest change can have the largest impact, and these vibrant bags certainly prove that point. In fact, you don’t need to have an overly colourful outfit to pack a serious punch

2. Barrel Bags

With its elongated body and round silhouette, it’s easy to see why these bags are such a huge hit. As the name suggests, this accessory is shaped like a barre

3. Statement Saddle Bags

Thanks to the cult classic Chloe saddle bag, these moon-shaped accessories have exploded in popularity. Unlike a crescent bag with a concave shape

4. Fluffy Bags

As the cold weather approaches, you should consider rugging up – but it’s not just your clothes that need the warmth, it’s also your bags

5. Vanity Bags

In recent years, we’ve seen fashion lovers opt for non-traditional bags to accentuate their outfits, and the vanity bag is no exception

6. Black Bucket Bags

The humble bucket bag has come a long way since its invention by Louis Vuitton in 1932

7. Tan Bucket Bags

If you want a chic and timeless accessory you can wear daily, but want to avoid wearing dark colours, we recommend trying these tan bucket bags

8. Tiny Patent Bags

Tiny bags are certainly not new, but it’s no secret they’ve started softly declining in popularity over the last few seasons

9. Cream Baguette Bags

The late ‘90s and Y2K eras are still alive and kicking, and we can see clear evidence of that with the rise of cream baguette bags

10. Silver Clutches

Oh, metallic bags, how we’ve missed you. Adding sparkle and shine is one of the easiest ways to create a glamorous outfit

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