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10 Sizzling Fireplace Decor Ideas You Can't Resist

Giving Your Living Room Fireplace a Royal Look

If you have a chandelier in your living room, you have an opportunity to try out the royal, glam, and rustic look. It would work out if you already have a brick or a stone fireplace

DIY Decorating Ideas for the Fireplace

Revamp your living room with a DIY modern fireplace. Consider placing a television on the mantel for a contemporary touch, enhancing both style and functionality

Modern Farmhouse Inspired Mantel Decor Ideas

Turn your living room into a farmhouse haven by selecting favorite farmhouse-themed accessories for your fireplace. Achieve the dreamy, rustic ambiance you've always wanted with a touch of personalized style

Designing a Working Fireplace

It feels satisfying to know that you still use your fireplace. Gathering wood and sitting by the flames with a book sounds like a perfect way of ending a hectic day of work

Fireplace Decor Ideas While Saving Space

Have you ever come across the idea of a double-decker fireplace mantel? This would be double the fun as now you will have two platforms to decorate

Fireplace Decor Ideas in a Dining Room

If you have a fireplace in your dining room, we have interesting ideas for styling it as well. Instead of just crowding the mantel with utensils

Create a Dramatic Fireplace With a Marble Slab

A gorgeous slab of charcoal marble turns a traditional fireplace into a modern focal point in this home remodeled by Watts Studio situated in Australia. Notice the hearth pad

Porcelain Tile That Resembles Natural Wood

San Francisco, California based Phase 2 Builders remodeled this spacious home. The new gas fireplace has a porcelain tile surround that resembles reclaimed wood

Concrete Fireplace is the Perfect Marriage of Form and Function

From countertops to furniture over the last couple of years, concrete has become a popular material when it comes to interior design

Give a Fireplace the German Smear Treatment

We love this rustic inspired fireplace by Instagrammer Nelly Friedel that fakes the look of distressed painted brick using a faux antiquing treatment called the German smear

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