10 Romantic Proposal ideas for Your Crush

Poetic Rooftop Dinner

Arrange a surprise rooftop dinner with fairy lights, soft music, and a table adorned with handwritten poems expressing your love. As the sun sets, recite your favorite verses and end with a heartfelt proposa

Private Movie Screening

Arrange a private screening of a film that holds sentimental value for both of you. Integrate your proposal seamlessly into the storyline, catching her off guard in the most heartwarming way

Cultural Heritage Photo Exhibition

Curate a photo exhibition featuring moments from your relationship, intertwined with snippets of culture. Each photo can tell a story, leading to a final frame where you pop the question

Artistic Approach

Draw her portrait with I love you written on it, sing a romantic song for her, say I love you to her poetically or simply stop her in her tracks on her way to work or college with a flash mob dance for her, just her

Hide the Ring in a Gift

Hiding the ring in a gift is a creative and personal way to propose. You can choose a gift that is meaningful to your relationship, or something that you know she will love

Let Her Find It Out Herself

If you want to be extremely creative without losing your nerve, then create a puzzle game for her. Get a personalized heart shaped photo frame  for her and let her solve it to reveal a cute picture of you and her.

Incorporate a Cute Pet

Surprise her by gifting a cute puppy or kitten and placing the ring on its collar. This is a classic and simple way to include your pet in the proposal

Revisit Important Places

Plan a day where you revisit the significant locations in your relationship, such as where you first met, had your first date, or shared your first kiss. End the day at a romantic location and propose there

Message in a Balloon

A message in a balloon puzzle proposal is a unique and creative way to propose to your girlfriend. It’s a fun and interactive way to ask her the big question, and it’s sure to be a proposal she’ll never forget

Make It All About Her

Ask her to spend a good part of the day or, if you can, the entire day with you. Do everything she likes and enjoys. Take her shopping, on a dinner or lunch date, for a walk in the park- whatever that makes her happy

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