1. Modern Pompadour

Although the pompadour has proven itself to be an utterly classic hairstyle, a contemporary twist can make it more relevant

2. Pompadour Fade

Faded sides are an element of many men’s hairstyles at the moment

3. Side Part Pompadour

For a slightly different take on the pompadour styling, you can bring a side part into the mix. While the classic pompadour is usually a backward-swept cut

4. Short Pompadour

Wanting to rock a pompadour without committing to the traditional length and volume of the cu

5. Undercut Pompadour

The undercut is a no-brainer to incorporate its aesthetic into the pompadour. The undercut pompadour offers a similar juxtaposition as faded sides but in a far more impactful way

6. Curly Pompadour

When you think about a pompadour, your mind doesn’t immediately relate curly hair to the mix

7. Wavy Pompadour

While a perfect pompadour comes across as sharp and sophisticated, a wavy pompadour feels youthful and fun. Ideal for a fashion-forward weekend look

8. Pompadour Quiff

Combining a pompadour and a quiff is an excellent way to create a stylish appearance

9. Mini Pompadour

Even smaller than the short pompadour, the mini pompadour is a barely-there version of this big-haired trend

10. Straight Pompadour

For a sharp and classic look, a straight pompadour makes an excellent option. While the style can be achieved on wavy hair with the help of a hairdryer and a round brush

Top 10 Best Beard Styles