10 Imported Beer Name With Country

Sol (Mexico)

Experience the Mexican sunshine in a bottle with Sol, UB's answer to Corona. Speciality: Crisp and refreshing, perfect for warm gatherings. Price: Rs240 per bottle

Dos Equis (Mexico)

Another Mexican delight, Dos Equis, offers a unique taste that sets it apart. Speciality: A well-balanced flavor that appeals to the adventurous palate. Price: Rs270 per bottle

Affligem (Belgium)

Let the Belgian charm enchant your taste buds with Affligem. Speciality: Rich heritage, a beer connoisseur's dream. Price: Rs290 per bottle

Desperados (France)

French flair meets beer innovation in Desperados. Speciality: Spiced with a hint of daring, a perfect choice for the bold. Price: Rs260 per bottle

Edelweiss (Austria)

Embrace the Austrian alpine spirit with Edelweiss. Speciality: A smooth taste that reflects the purity of the Alps. Price: Rs250 per bottle

Corona (Mexico)

Anheuser-Busch InBev's Corona, a familiar favorite in the imported beer landscape. Speciality: Well-balanced malt with fruity honey undertones. Price: Rs300/ Market competitive

Heineken (Netherlands)

The Dutch classic, Heineken, known for its distinctive green bottle and red star. Speciality: Rich taste and a symbol of premium quality. Price: Rs 350, check online for best deals

 Stella Artois (Belgium)

A Belgian masterpiece, Stella Artois, brings elegance to your beer collection. Speciality: Ranked among the top ten beer brands globally, a symbol of sophistication. Price: Premium range

 Amstel (Netherlands)

United Breweries launches Amstel, a Dutch Lager to elevate your beer experience. Speciality: A contender in the super-premium strong beer segment. Price: Explore online for exclusive offers

Foster's (Australia)

Foster's Lager, an Australian gem owned by AB InBev, is making waves in India. Speciality: Easy-drinking and a popular choice in the UK and Australia. Price: Affordable, making it a go-to for many

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