10 Best indoor plants for home & office

Kentia Palm

Big Ken, the Kentia Palm, thrives in challenging conditions, embracing shade, compact spaces, casting elegant shadows.

Corn plants

Our resilient Dracaena fragrans, a remarkable indoor plant, flourishes in neglect and dim environments, thriving with care.

Snake plant

Snake plant: dubbed "Viper's Bowstring hemp," "Saint George's Sword," "Mother-in-law's tongue." Low-maintenance, oxygen-releasing marvel for sleep.

Peace lily

Pippa, the peace lily, brings zen with dark leaves and year-round blooms. Ideal for shady corners, she enlivens your home.


Phil the Philodendron, known for his striking heart-shaped leaves, is a favorite houseplant; low-maintenance with light and water.

ZZ plant

Meet Cassie, our resilient ZZ plant, unfazed by sporadic watering. Her sculptural beauty makes her your ideal companion.


Sharon, the Chamaedorea, charms with her graceful, arching fronds, a timeless parlor palm adored since Victorian era. Thrives anywhere!

devil’s ivy

Rapunzel, our resilient devil's ivy, thrives indoors, enhancing decor, offering privacy, and purifying the air. A multitasking gem.


Our succulent collection comes in a variety of colours, shapes and textures, so you’re sure to find one to suit your space.

Fiddle-leaf fig

Hailing from West Africa, Fidel the fiddle-leaf fig adds a tropical vibe with his lyre-shaped leaves, resilient in any setting.