10 Best Ac Brands In India


LG is a prominent electronics label in India that boasts a vast assortment of household devices, including some of the best air conditioning systems in India.


Voltas, established in 1954, is a major and well-known air conditioning brand in India.


The first modern electrical air conditioning unit was invented by Wills Carrier. An American company by the name of Carrier AC has been selling top-quality air conditioning systems in the Indian market for several decades.


Hitachi AC is a top brand in India known for its high-quality air conditioners and refrigerators, offering better energy ratings and various capacities like 1 Ton and 1.5 Ton. This brand has consistently been among the best-selling air conditioners in India.


Daikin, a renowned Japanese air conditioning manufacturer established in 1924, is globally recognized for providing the best AC units, renowned for their superior cooling performance and low maintenance requirements.


Samsung is one of the largest home appliance manufacturers in India and also offers the best AC in India. It was established in 1938 as a Trading company.

7. Blue Star

Blue Star is a trusted Indian brand that has been producing air conditioning units, water coolers, air purifiers and more for several years. With an extensive range of models to choose from, it is one of the leading AC brands in India.


Whirlpool is a reliable household appliance brand established as Kelvinator of India Ltd. in 1960. It was formed in collaboration with Kelvinator International Corporation.


Haier is one of the famous Chinese brands that have a wide range of home appliances that all are available in India along with the best AC.


This Panasonic AC comes with an inverter compressor that adjusts the cooling as per the heat load